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Balance Sheet

Comparative Balance Sheet Current Year Last Year 2 Years Ago 3 Years Ago 4 Years Ago


Current Assets
Cash on Hand
Liquid Securities
Accounts Receivable
Notes Receivable
Notes Receivables
Prepaid Expense
Other Current Assets
Long Term Assets
Plant & Equipment
Accumulated Depreciation
Net Plant & Equipment
Long Term Receivables
Deferred Charges
Other Long Term Assets

Liabilities and Equity

Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable
Current Secured Debt
Unsecured Current Debt
Other Current Liabilities
Long Term Liabilities
Secured Long Term Debt
Other Long Term Debt
Owners Equity
Preferred Shares / Stocks
Common Shares / Stock
Treasury Share / Stock
Contributed Capital
Retained Earnings

Income Statement

Current Year 1 Year Ago 2 Year Ago 3 Year Ago 4 Year Ago
Direct Costs
Sales Salaries
Advertising / Promotion
Distribution/ Transportation
Repairs & Maintenance
General & Administrative
Owner's Salary
Admin Wages
Facilities Expense
Other G & A Costs